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Robin and Bruce both hold a vision of their extended kinship encompassing the global family. Individually they have dreamed, imagined, and written about how they see harmony among people and planet in action. Bruce produced and hosted a television show in the early '90s called 'One World' which explored the overcoming of fear to find freedom and connectedness, both personally and professionally. Those with similar vision are in process of gathering together to demonstrate their innate knowing and their practical expertise. As pragmatic and realistic as one might be, there are very real indicators of a force greater than any of us that is guiding this 'mission' we call a New World Order, or rather a new ordered world.... NOW. Many eclectic and esoteric sorts are not accepted into the realms of academia and business relationships because of an [assumed] 'head in the clouds' position as one promotes this kind of work.

Robin and Bruce are both educators and business oriented professionals. Robin, aka Zardo, has a Bachelor's in Elementary Education and a Master of Arts in Organizational Management. Bruce, aka Zendor, holds an Undergraduate Secondary Teacher Certification, Master of Business Administration, Master of Arts in Organizational Management, and is a Certified Hypnotherapist. Both are also ordained ministers in the Universal Life Church. Together they are examples of Cultural Creatives who are bridging the worlds of business and spirituality with environmental and social responsibility. Many others are beginning to form collaborative alliances to develop real solutions to our ever-present needs for harmonious globalization.

Spectrum Academy, with its residential treatment and community technology center features, is a solution for empowering youth to become productive and successful citizenry- whatever their background. Genesis II takes the concept to the next level with integrative technologies for creating communities that incorporate cutting edge alternative energy, ergonomic, and environmental science developments. Ownership of ideas is an outdated paradigm when it comes to humanitarian endeavors and making a better world.

Would you like to join in the efforts? Contact the 'Dream Team' at: DreamTeam@BeTheDream.net. Please list your practical passions, skill sets, and time/financial availability. Initial production staff and  positions/requirements are listed and purposeful in the JOBARCHY methodology.

Together Zardo and Zendor are devoted edutainers, facilitators, parents, reverends, and visionaries that hold a dream many envision as very real. Humor and wit are important with charismatic and transformational leaders. Bruce and Robin delight and excite their audiences, at any age. Be The Dream offers counseling and consulting services that carry an offer that everyone can accept... a better tomorrow. Contact them to find our how they can help you or your organization. You'll be glad you did. DreamTeam@spectrumacademy.org


Everyday presents us with a new opportunity to do things better. We are currently developing the Dream Team of Pathfinders.