We know that in order to proceed in an expeditious manner, this plan has to move through the standard steps of project development, including seeking funding. Grant writing is one of those methods that is most acceptable across the domains of corporate and foundation offerings.


We seek qualified grant writers that can see the vision, hear the music, and feel the passion for serving our youth population. This is not a pro bono proposition. Your services and our success are worthy of remuneration. Industry standard agreements will apply, with all monies distributed after grant receipts. We don’t have deep pockets at this time so if you are willing to risk some time and effort, we’ll be sure to make it worth your while.


If you know anyone else that would fit with our cultural mix, please invite them to join our efforts. We are currently building our Dream Team as we launch our non-profit side of Be The Dream. You can see our initial invitation by clicking here. This is something that has never been done before as far as we know, where people of purpose have the opportunity to gather in support of a cause, fulfilling their passion for purpose and empowering our most precious resource: our youth.





Robin and Zen