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Harmony Among People and Planet… UNITY









Mission: Earth Dance

Facilitators and Topics



Topic: Social Innovation and Community Building

Facilitator: Marilyn Oyler 


Marilyn, as one of the premier facilitators of community in the country, will share the key points in developing a sense of purpose and unity within local, national and international communities. Her knowledge and wisdom collected through 30 years of practical application will inspire the desire for building compassionate relationships and compatible partnerships in developing communities for the future that will be productive and sustainable. Website:


Topic: Global Business Archetypes – Patterns and Problems

Facilitator: Dr. Tom Ollerman


Dr. Ollerman, a world renown business consultant, will share his research into the 12 business archetypes that are harming our growth as a global society. He will also share things that can be done to facilitate the overcoming of the obstacles each one of these archetypes presents. For the businesses person, this is very critical. For the layperson… the principles can be applied in your own lives as well. Website:


Topic: Touching Lives, Healing People, Freeing Souls

Facilitator: KC Miller


KC Miller is the Founder and Director of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, a nationally accredited community college for holistic healthcare careers. She is the co-owner of Arizona's original massage college, Phoenix Therapeutic Massage College with campuses in Scottsdale, Metro Center and Flagstaff. Late this summer, she and her husband will be opening a unique charter school, New Samaritan High School, dedicated to preparing remarkable young people for careers in holistic healthcare and responsible earth science careers. KC Miller is an ordained Minster and author of three books. She has written numerous articles on Holistic Health and regularly speaks throughout the country on "Touching People, Healing Lives and Freeing Souls." Website:



Topic:  Alternative Dispute Resolution

Facilitator: Jerome Landau, J.D.


Jerome is an international attorney and professional arbitrator / mediator who has served as legal counsel, business adviser/strategist, mediator and arbitrator, "lifestyle" and executive coach to a client base that has spanned three continents and 30 years.  He teaches Aikido (holding the rank of "Sandan" - third-degree black belt, meditation and other related energy disciplines and has presented workshops in many forums, including two at the United Nations.


We are all coaches.  As a result of this interactive presentation we will have better tools for achieving greater Balance in our own life and for coaching others to do the same.  Conflict Resolution is the natural byproduct of this Balance. Webpage:


Topic:  Removing Prejudice in our Lives and Schools

Facilitator: Calvin Terrell


Calvin works with teen leadership programs around the Valley of the Sun through his company, Social Centric Training and Consulting. His skills as a facilitator and one who empowers these future leaders are phenomenal. His work with Valley high schools have increased peer acceptance and cooperation, leading to a more productive and safer campus environment where teens look out for each other. Several organizations and awards from the business and educational communities recently acknowledged his efforts. He will be bringing a group of teen facilitators to work directly with the audience, increasing cooperation and openness to our greatest resource- our children who will be our future leaders.


Topic:  Connecting with Passion and Purpose

Facilitator: Jean Henderson


Jean, a loving single parent, will explain her understanding of what is happening amongst the worlds we live in, both inner and outer, spiritual and material, and facilitate an experience of interconnectedness with both. We often live our lives in disconnectness from job to family and forget that our most precious moments are when we truly feel connected to everything and everyone.


Topic:  Teenage Wisdom of Tomorrow

Facilitator:  Ali Craig


Ali, an exceptionally gifted high school student, will share what many adolescents feel adults have forgotten and what we, as adults, can do to facilitate a brighter future for our children. She will facilitate knew understanding of the educational needs for today’s youth. Our world will benefit from her and others like her IF we pay attention and act NOW!