The following are links to various home schooling resources, curriculum resources, and educational information for research, development and implementation.

Home Schooling Resources An internet-based resource center for home schooling.

ABOUT.COM links, articles and resources for home schooling.

INTERNET HOME SCHOOL - Home schooling is the fastest growing educational option available to families today with over two million children now being taught by their parents at home instead of in public or private schools.  

 The non-profit National Home Education Research Institute was founded by Dr. Brian Ray, who has been the editor of the journal Home School Researcher since 1985.

 E-Tutor is a central place to find resources for those who are, or thinking about, home schooling.

HOMESCHOOL WOLRD The official website of Practical Home Schooling Magazine.

Welcome to Homeschool Central. Serving the home school community since early in 1996.

HOMESCHOOLER INFORMATION NETWORK… The Internet source for home schoolers.


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