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The following are links to various curriculum resources, for research, development and implementation.

  Holistic Education Network... PURPOSE: To discuss the application of the principles and practice of holistic education to teaching and learning for all students.

  PATHWAYS TO SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT synthesizes research, policy, and best practices on issues critical to educators engaged in school improvement.

Project Happy Child - We're building an index of Educational Resources available on the Internet for schools, parents and children, constructing a network of links to schools in many countries, and publicising initiatives helping less fortunate children, wherever they may be.

  Curriculum builders from DePaul University for k-12 applications.

  Alternative curriculum for gifted students.

  Zephyr Press Most of our titles emphasize teaching that uses multiple intelligences theory and brain-compatible learning environments.

  Emotional Intelligence is the capacity to create positive outcomes in your relationships with others and with yourself.

  Multiple Intelligence online information and additional links.

  Early Childhood Curriculum… a variety of resources.

  School-to-Work Resources for Systems Builders… list of materials and contacts.

  The Alternative Curriculum is designed to allow students more time in the Year I and II curriculum to acquire the essential knowledge, skills and attitudes to successfully complete required courses. (pre-med)

  High interest material for enrichment and remediation. Supports students' desire to improve their skills. Provides measurable results for students and teachers.

  Introduction to Biomes. A biome is an area with a specific climate together with the animals and plants that live there.

  Our mission is to educate all students in an integrated setting to become responsible, literate, knowing and contributing members of a global society.

  Microsoft Lesson Connection – Educational resources for teachers and administrators.

    PopRead™ - A new concept for curriculum delivery.

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